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......@@ -51,20 +51,20 @@ include level is reduced to the longest of the fetch times.
"At a particular include level" is important, because the optimization
only helps if there are many includes at a particular level: For
example, if object A includes object B, which includes object C and no
object is cachable, they still need to be fetched in order: The
object is cacheable, they still need to be fetched in order: The
request for B can only be started once A is available, and likewise
for B and C.
To summarize:
* Parallel ESI can *substantially* increase the response times for ESI
if cachable objects include many uncachable objects. The maximum
if cacheable objects include many uncacheable objects. The maximum
benefit, compared with standard, serial processing, is achieved
through parallel ESI in cases where all nodes of an ESI tree are
cacheable and at least some leafs are not.
cacheable and at least some leaves are not.
* If basically all objects are cacheable, parallel ESI only provides a
relevant benefit on an empty cache or of cache TTLs are low, such
relevant benefit on an empty cache, or if cache TTLs are low, such
that cache misses are likely.
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ See `INSTALL.rst <INSTALL.rst>`_ in the source repository.
The full documentation of thie VMOD is in :ref:`vmod_slash(3)`. If you
The full documentation of the VMOD is in :ref:`vmod_pesi(3)`. If you
are reading this document online, it should be available as
` <src/>`_.
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ you *really* need to know:
``return(deliver)`` in ``sub vcl_deliver {}``.
* If you call ``pesi.activate()``, call it unconditionally and on all
ESI levels. Read this documentation for details.
ESI levels. Read the detailed documentation for more information.
It is possible that your current configuration of system resources,
such as thread pools, workspaces, memory allocation and so forth, will
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ optimization.
But that is by no means ensured, since pESI uses system resources
differently from standard ESI. Understanding these difference, and how
to monitor and manage resource usage affected by pESI, is a main focus
of the detailed discussion that follows.
of the detailed discussion in `vmod_pesi(3) <src/>`_.
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