Commit 9ba88698 authored by Nils Goroll's avatar Nils Goroll

compatiblity with varnish-cache master

... after the changes in a80c4f14d2ec046a307a4a041d7647377a7a9a4c

At least for now, we need the vcc private interface because of the
nature of the problem we are solving with this vmod.
parent 3fc0c488
......@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ m4_ifndef([VARNISH_PREREQ], AC_MSG_ERROR([Need varnish.m4 -- see INSTALL.rst]))
AC_ARG_VAR([VARNISHSRC], [path to Varnish source])
if test "x$VARNISHSRC" = x; then
AC_CHECK_FILE([$VARNISHSRC/include/vcc_interface.h], [
AC_MSG_FAILURE([Could not find "$VARNISHSRC/include/vcc_interface.h"])])
VMOD_TESTS="$(cd $srcdir/src && echo tests/*.vtc)"
......@@ -43,6 +43,13 @@
#include "vcc_if.h"
/* XXX at least for now, we need the vcc private interface */
#include "vcc_interface.h"
#define VRT_vcl_get(ctx, name) VPI_vcl_get(ctx, name)
#define VRT_vcl_rel(ctx, vcl) VPI_vcl_rel(ctx, vcl)
#define VRT_vcl_select(ctx, vcl) VPI_vcl_select(ctx, vcl)
#define ERR(ctx, msg) \
VRT_fail((ctx), "vmod dispatch error: " msg)
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