Commit 1c11a5fc by Geoff Simmons

Bugfix reporting pcre2 error messages when workspace is exhausted.

parent 0e066bfa
......@@ -214,9 +214,20 @@ report_pcre2_err(VRT_CTX, int errcode, const char * const restrict msg,
VERR(ctx, "%s (unknown error code)%s", msg, post);
else if (ret == PCRE2_ERROR_NOMEMORY) {
WS_Release(ctx->ws, strlen(buf) + 1);
VERR(ctx, "%s: %s (truncated error message)%s", msg, buf,
unsigned len = strlen(buf) + 1;
if (len > bytes) {
WS_Release(ctx->ws, 0);
ERRNOMEM(ctx, "allocating workspace for pcre2 error "
VERR(ctx, "%s: libpcre2 error code %d%s", msg, errcode,
else {
WS_Release(ctx->ws, len);
VERR(ctx, "%s: %s (truncated error message)%s", msg,
buf, post);
else {
WS_Release(ctx->ws, ret);
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