Commit 974cc032 by Geoff Simmons

Give the internal match function some const/restrict hints.

parent b05e49ce
Pipeline #245 skipped
......@@ -553,8 +553,10 @@ compile(VRT_CTX, pcre2_compile_context * restrict const cctx,
static inline VCL_BOOL
match(VRT_CTX, pcre2_code *code, VCL_STRING subject, VCL_INT len,
uint32_t options, pcre2_match_data *mdata, pcre2_match_context *mctx,
match(VRT_CTX, pcre2_code * restrict const code,
VCL_STRING restrict const subject, VCL_INT len, const uint32_t options,
pcre2_match_data * restrict const mdata,
pcre2_match_context * restrict const mctx,
const char * restrict const context, const char * restrict const caller)
PCRE2_SPTR safe_subject;
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