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    Revert "Fix an off-by-one when copying the subject to the workspace" · 2c142833
    Geoff Simmons authored
    This reverts commit bf2b7a78.
    There are actually two off-by-one errors, one in WS_Assert_Allocated(),
    and another in the use of -1 to have WS_Assert_Allocated() compute
    the size of the string, including the null terminator.
    We don't need the subject with the null terminator in the ov_t
    structure (PRIV_TASK data), because we just need it to get backrefs
    from the indices in the ov vector returned from pcre.
    Also, there's a system in the VTC tests that may not be obvious.
    The b*.vtc tests are about regex matching, c*.vtc for backrefs.
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