Commit 9a2b0ae3 authored by Geoff Simmons's avatar Geoff Simmons

remove the VMOD init function (we're not using it)

parent 4f64f9db
......@@ -76,13 +76,6 @@ typedef struct ov_s {
static char c;
static const void *match_failed = (void *) &c;
int __match_proto__()
vmod_re_init(struct vmod_priv *priv __attribute__((unused)),
const struct VCL_conf *vcl __attribute__((unused)))
return 0;
VCL_VOID __match_proto__()
vmod_regex__init(const struct vrt_ctx *ctx, struct vmod_re_regex **rep,
const char *vcl_name, VCL_STRING pattern)
......@@ -257,5 +257,3 @@ This document is licensed under the same license as the libvmod-re
project. See LICENSE for details.
* Copyright (c) 2014 UPLEX Nils Goroll Systemoptimierung
$Init vmod_re_init
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