Commit 493cdcb2 authored by Nils Goroll's avatar Nils Goroll

For parallel builds, avoid multiple execution of vmodtool

Otherwise builds can fail due to partially written files from vmodtool
running on another target.
parent 8814ff0d
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......@@ -25,7 +25,9 @@ vmod_re2.lo: vcc_if.c vcc_if.h
vmod_re2.lo: $(nodist_libvmod_re2_la_SOURCES)
vcc_if.h vmod_re2.rst vcc_if.c: vmod_re2.vcc
vcc_if.h vmod_re2.rst vcc_if.c
vcc_if.c: vmod_re2.vcc
$(AM_V_VMODTOOL) $(PYTHON) $(VMODTOOL) -o vcc_if $(srcdir)/vmod_re2.vcc
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