Commit e499d87d by Geoff Simmons

spell out dependencies on vmod_re2.h -> vcc_if.h

Fixes parallel build failures when compilation of vmod_re2.c,
set.c or re2.c is attempted before vmodtool is finished

cf. commit 76403011
parent 886c788c
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = $(dist_man_MANS)
libvmod_re2_la_LIBADD = @RE2_LIBS@
vmod_re2.lo: vcc_if.c vcc_if.h
vmod_re2.c set.c re2.c: vcc_if.h
vmod_re2.lo: $(nodist_libvmod_re2_la_SOURCES)
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