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    fix %h formatter · afa9a185
    Nils Goroll authored
    Our %h formatter was broken and we did not notice due to coincidence of
    two reasons:
    Before 626ddb029256513b6de36d5e642299d6708d638d in varnish-cache,
    varnishncsa did not output %h for our (ancient) test file because it
    does not contain BackendStart records.
    varnishevent did not output %h because it was using SLT_Backend, which
    had been removed from varnish-cache for long.
    Because both matched, we did not notice any issue.
    It is only now due to the change from
    626ddb029256513b6de36d5e642299d6708d638d that we noticed the issue.
    So the fix is to take %h from SLT_BackendOpen and adjust all other test
    details in this regard.
    The fix in varnish triggered the ncsa.sh test failing because
    varnishevent would also not format %h correctly: SLT_Backend had been
    retired for long, but we still took %h from it.
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