Kubernetes certificate downloader: an application that watches TLS Secrets in a Kubernetes cluster, and provides a REST API with which a client can instruct the app to manage Secrets as certificate/key files in a local directory.

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    Rolling back to k8s client libs v0.16.15, giving up on go get for now. · fe1fc4f4
    Geoff Simmons authored
    Trying to make go get for this repo work has been a dependency
    nightmare; if there's a way for it to work at all (and I haven't had
    proof that there is), it's far more effort and pain than it's worth.
    Newer versions of the k8s libs have dependencies that evidently
    require Go 1.16. Apart from the complications that may arise from
    migrating the language version:
    - Go 1.16 is currently not provided in the package repos for distros
    such as Debian.
    - go get -d under Go 1.16 downloads the source to directories under
    $GOPATH/pkg/mod/ with the version in the directory name. This can cause
    scripts running go get to break, since they have to get the version
    name exactly right. Source code download is necessary for packages
    that cannot be built with go build alone (for example if they require
    a make command).
    - go get -d under Go 1.16 appparently doesn't download go.mod for
    some reason, which may make a build impossible.
    On the other hand, git clone && make install for this repo just
    At least we're upgrading to a newer 0.16.x micro version than was
    previously supported.
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