Add flexelinting

Passes for our own code, have not looked at frozen itself yet
parent ba03b2bd
-efile(537, tbl*)
-efile(451, tbl*)
-ecall(835, dlopen)
-e801 // goto
-ecall(840, VSB_bcat)
-e793 // significant characters in an external identifier
-efunc(818, *_lookup)
// we can not change external interfaces / code
-efile(766, *_if.c)
-esym(818, vfpaa)
// must always be included to ensure sanity
-efile(766, config.h)
if [ "x$1" = "x-ok" -a -f _.fl ] ; then
echo "Saved as reference"
mv _.fl _.fl.old
exit 0
if [ "x${VARNISHSRC}" = "x" ] ; then
echo >&2 VARNISHSRC needs to point to varnish-cache sources
exit 9
flexelint \
${VARNISHSRC}/flint.lnt \
flint.lnt \
-zero \
-I.. \
-I${VARNISHSRC}/include \
-I${VARNISHSRC}/bin/varnishd \
$(ls *.c | grep -v .stub) \
2>&1 | tee _.fl
if [ -f _.fl.old ] ; then
diff -u _.fl.old _.fl
if [ "x$1" = "x-ok" ] ; then
echo "Saved as reference"
mv _.fl _.fl.old
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