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.. NB: This file is machine generated, DO NOT EDIT!
.. Edit vmod.vcc and run make instead
.. role:: ref(emphasis)
VMOD objesi
Varnish objesi Module
:Manual section: 3
.. parsed-literal::
import objesi [from "path"]
BOOL is_esi()
This vmod specifically adds a way to determine if ESI processing is
not only enabled, but actually active for delivery of an object. It
basically compensates for the issue documented in
For ESI delivery to be active, ``beresp.do_esi`` must have been
enabled when the respective object went into the cache, it must have
been enabled for ESI processing (see, for example the
``esi_disable_xml_check`` feature flag) and ``resp.do_esi`` must be
import objesi;
sub vcl_deliver {
if (objesi.is_esi) {
# ... do things to happen only for esi
.. _vmod_objesi.is_esi:
BOOL is_esi()
Return true if ESI processing is active.
May only be called from ``vcl_deliver {}``.
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