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Add installation instructions for RPMs.

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Binary, debuginfo and source RPMs for VMOD re2 are available at
The packages are built for Enterprise Linux 7 (el7), and hence will
run on compatible distros (such as RHEL7, Fedora, CentOS 7 and Amazon
To set up your YUM repository for the RPMs, follow these instructions:
You will also need these additional repositories:
* ``yum install``
* EPEL provides packages for the RE2 library, at least version
2015-05-01 is required.
* Official Varnish packages from packagecloud (since version 5.2.0)
* Follow the instructions at:
If you have problems or questions concerning the RPMs, post an issue
to one of the source repository web sites, or contact
Building from source
The VMOD is built against a Varnish installation, and the autotools
use ``pkg-config(1)`` to locate the necessary header files and other
resources for both Varnish and RE2. This sequence will install the VMOD::
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