Commit ec943dea authored by Geoff Simmons's avatar Geoff Simmons

Require Varnish 5.2 for the build.

parent 6c7f1459
Pipeline #332 skipped
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ AS_VAR_IF([$1], [""], [$5], [$4])dnl
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([libvarnishapi], [varnishapi])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([libvarnishapi], [varnishapi >= 5.2.0])
PKG_CHECK_VAR([LIBVARNISHAPI_DATAROOTDIR], [varnishapi], [datarootdir])
PKG_CHECK_VAR([LIBVARNISHAPI_BINDIR], [varnishapi], [bindir])
PKG_CHECK_VAR([LIBVARNISHAPI_SBINDIR], [varnishapi], [sbindir])
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