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......@@ -352,6 +352,10 @@ func (a byComparand) Less(i, j int) bool {
return a[i].Comparand < a[j].Comparand
// ResultHdrType describes the configuration for writing a header as
// the result of an ACL comparison. Header is the header to write in
// VCL notation. Failure is the value to write on the fail condition,
// Success the value to write otherwise.
type ResultHdrType struct {
Header string
Success string
......@@ -398,57 +402,117 @@ func (a byACLName) Len() int { return len(a) }
func (a byACLName) Swap(i, j int) { a[i], a[j] = a[j], a[i] }
func (a byACLName) Less(i, j int) bool { return a[i].Name < a[j].Name }
// RewriteRule describes conditions under which a rewrite is executed,
// and strings to be used for the rewrite. Elements of the Rules array
// for a Rewrite have this type.
// Value is a string or pattern against which the Source object is
// compared. If Values is a regular expression, it has the syntax and
// semantics of RE2 (
// Rewrite is a string to be used for the rewrite if the Value
// compares successfully. Depending on the RewriteSpec's Method,
// Rewrite may contain backreferences captured from a regex match.
type RewriteRule struct {
Value string
Rewrite string
// MethodType classifies the process by which a rewrite modifies the
// Target object.
type MethodType uint8
const (
// Replace means that the target is overwritten with a new
// value.
Replace MethodType = iota
// Sub means that the first matching substring of the target
// after a regex match is substituted with the new value.
// Suball means that each non-overlapping matching substring
// of the target is substituted.
// RewriteMethod means that the target is rewritten with the
// rule in the Rewrite field, possibly with backreferences.
// Append means that a string is concatenated after the source
// string, with the result written to the target.
// Prepend means that a string is concatenated after the
// source string.
// Delete means that the target object is deleted.
// RewriteCompare classifies the comparison operation used to evaluate
// the conditions for a rewrite.
type RewriteCompare uint8
const (
// RewriteMatch means that a regex match is executed.
RewriteMatch RewriteCompare = iota
// RewriteEqual means that fixed strings are tested for equality.
// Prefix indicates a fixed-string prefix match.
// VCLSubType classifies the VCL subroutine in which a rewrite is
// executed.
type VCLSubType uint8
const (
// Unspecified means that the VCL sub was not specified in the
// user configuration, and will be inferred from the Source
// and Target.
Unspecified VCLSubType = iota
// Recv for vcl_recv
// Pipe for vcl_pipe
// Pass for vcl_pass
// Hash for vcl_hash
// Purge for vcl_purge
// Miss for vcl_miss
// Hit for vcl_hit
// Deliver for vcl_deliver
// Synth for vcl_synth
// BackendFetch for vcl_backend_fetch
// BackendResponse for vcl_backend_response
// BackendError for vcl_backend_error
// AnchorType classifies start-of-string and/or end-of-string
// anchoring for a regex match.
type AnchorType uint8
const (
// None indicates no anchoring.
None AnchorType = iota
// Start indicates anchoring at start-of-string.
// Both indicates anchoring at start- and end-of-string.
// MatchFlagsType is a collection of options that modify matching
// operations. CaseSensitive can be applied to both fixed string
// matches and regex matches; the remainder are for regex matches
// only. These correspond to flags for RE2 matching, and are used
// by the RE2 VMOD.
// See:
type MatchFlagsType struct {
MaxMem uint64
Anchor AnchorType
......@@ -493,17 +557,38 @@ func (flags MatchFlagsType) hash(hash hash.Hash) {
// SelectType classifies the determination of the rewrite rule to
// apply if more than one of them in the Rules array compares
// successfully. This is only possible when the Method specifies a
// regex or prefix match.
// The values Unique, First or Last may be used for both regex and
// prefix matches; the others may only be used for prefix matches.
type SelectType uint8
const (
// Unique means that only one rewrite rule may match,
// otherwise VCL failure is invoked.
Unique SelectType = iota
// First means that the first matching rule in the order of
// the Rules array is executed.
// Last means that the last matching rule is executed.
// Last means that the last matching rule is executed.
// Exact means that, for a prefix match, the rule by which the
// full string matched exactly is executed.
// Longest means that the rule for the longest prefix that
// matched is executed.
// Shortest means that the rule for the shortest prefix that
// matched is executed.
// The String method returns the upper-case name of the enum used for
// VMOD re2.
func (s SelectType) String() string {
switch s {
case Unique:
......@@ -523,6 +608,16 @@ func (s SelectType) String() string {
// Rewrite is the specification for a set of rewrite rules; elements
// of the Rewrites array of a VCL Spec have this type.
// Target is the object to be rewritten, in VCL notation. It can be
// the client or backend URL path, or a client or backend request or
// response header.
// Source is the object against which comparisons are applied, and
// from which substrings may be extracted. It may have the same values
// as Target.
type Rewrite struct {
Rules []RewriteRule
MatchFlags MatchFlagsType
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