1. 07 Jun, 2023 7 commits
  2. 06 Jun, 2023 2 commits
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      shard_param validation pattern · 98243aba
      Nils Goroll authored
      k8s uses re2, which does not support lookaround, so this rather
      complicated pattern is what I came up with to forbid vcl and
      vk8s prefixes.
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      Optionally support a parameter object to control internal service shards · 60e37559
      Nils Goroll authored
      The shard director supports many interesting use cases, for example
      - retrying backend requests on different backends
      - sharding by custom keys, for example for "client stickyness"
        or cache optimization
      This patch adds the option to create parameter objects for backends
      using the shard director.
      Each named parameter object will be created only once and associated
      with all directors for which the backend configuration names them.
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      Change the sematics of the defaultKey field for self-sharding by cookie. · 5e7899ee
      Geoff Simmons authored
      The field is still optional, but if no default key is specified, then
      it is implicitly the empty string. We no longer support a use case
      in which an error response is returned for sharding by key if the
      key is missing from the request. This will also be the case when
      we support sharding by other keys besides cookies, such as request
      This makes it possible to move the clause in vcl_recv that includes
      the synthetic response to health checks from other shard instances
      to come after the code for primaryOnly. That had been moved to the
      start of vcl_recv, because health checks were failing in the shard
      by cookie case without a default key (since health probes have no
      Cookie header). But the result was that primaryOnly code did not
      work as expected. Now we have moved that clause back to where it
      was previously -- health probes now don't fail in the shard by
      cookie case, because there is always a default key.