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      Fix intermittent failures to update Ingress.Status.LoadBalancer. · dd46b1e4
      Geoff Simmons authored
      This almost always happens because the API server's current version
      of the Ingress has a newer ResourceVersion than the controller's
      cached copy. Sometimes it happens during e2e tests when the Ingress
      has already been deleted but the worker queue has not caught up.
      Make one attempt to fetch a fresh copy of the Ingress from the API
      server, and if necessary, update the LoadBalancer field for the
      fresh version.
      Inspired by the nginx ingress' solution to this problem.
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    • Geoff Simmons's avatar
      Add the maxSyncRetries CLI option. · 540a36ce
      Geoff Simmons authored
      $ vikingctrl --help
        -maxSyncRetries uint
          	maximum number of retires for cluster synchronizations
          	that fail due to recoverable errors, or because
          	necessary information is missing. 0 for unlimited
          	retries (default 0)
      IOW set a maximum number of re-queues for SyncIncomplete and
      SyncRecoverable type failures. By default unlimited.
      While here, update some missing function parameter docs.
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      chore: update kubectl · a7defb40
      Tim Leers authored
    • Tim Leers's avatar
      chore: update kind · f5bb6cd1
      Tim Leers authored
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