1. 27 Feb, 2023 1 commit
  2. 24 Feb, 2023 2 commits
  3. 28 Jan, 2023 4 commits
  4. 26 Jan, 2023 11 commits
  5. 08 Dec, 2022 1 commit
  6. 01 Dec, 2022 1 commit
  7. 08 Nov, 2022 3 commits
  8. 05 Jul, 2022 1 commit
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      Fix minimal varnish version · 1097f6f4
      Nils Goroll authored
      The minimal version for master should never have been 7.0, but rather 7.1
      There is a separate branch for 7.0
      Fixes #8
  9. 28 Apr, 2022 2 commits
  10. 27 Apr, 2022 3 commits
  11. 01 Feb, 2022 1 commit
  12. 25 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  13. 12 Jan, 2022 1 commit
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      Avoid permissions issues with the UDS in permutations*.vtc. · 47c1cea4
      Geoff Simmons authored
      We've had reports of these tests failing on some platforms (e.g.
      FreeBSD 13), with FetchError reporting EPERM for the backend that
      accesses the UDS.
      Since it's not a pesi issue, and not related to the properties under
      test, we might as well allow fully open access to the UDS.
  14. 10 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  15. 29 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  16. 27 Oct, 2021 4 commits
    • Nils Goroll's avatar
      Fix a race between vdp_pesi_fini() and vped_task() on done flag · 58a1f111
      Nils Goroll authored
      To terminate a subrequest, we need to do two things:
      - fini the task (signal that the thread handling the subrequest in
        parallel is about to terminate)
      - signal that the node representing the subrequest can be picked up by
        esi_level 0 delivery
      From the perspective of delivery (unpending), the former needs to
      happen before the latter (delivery needs to be sure that no other
      thread is working on the node), so we call task_fini() before
      signalling that the node done status has changed.
      The top level delivery thread, however, might need to tear down the
      tree, which assumes that all subrequests have finished. For this, it
      checks the task list and waits for it to become empty.
      The assumption was that when this is the case, the tree can not be in
      use any more, however it could be in vped_task() between task_fini and
      releasing the tree lock.
      We solve this race by taking the tree lock before finally destroying
      Fixes https://gitlab.com/uplex/varnish/libvdp-pesi/-/issues/2
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      Update to changed Req_New() signature · 6b9ae172
      Nils Goroll authored
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      gitignore update · 6098bf5e
      Nils Goroll authored